Tournament Room
The Tournament room is designed to be wheelchair accessible, with a double-door shower, modified sink and tub, and extra wide doors. Paintings and tapestries of knights and battle decorate the walls, along with reproduction medieval chairs.

Enchanted Forest Room
The Enchanted Forest room has a rustic decor, with stone fireplace, wooden shutters, and an antique canopy bed. The bathroom features a slipper claw-foot tub and river rock in the shower.

Fairy Tale Room
The Fairy Tale room has a coffered ceiling and wooden fireplace mantle. It’s adorned with classical pictures and decorations from famous fairy tales and features a mermaid-themed bathroom with claw-foot tub and a spacious shower.

Tapestry Room
The Tapestry room is decorated with copies of the famous Lady and the Unicorn tapestry currently on display in Paris. Produced in the era of Joan of Arc, the tapestry depicts the five senses and is considered one of the great works of art from the Middle Ages. The bathroom has a claw-foot tub and large shower.

Wine Cellar Room
The basement Wine Cellar room has a vineyard theme. Adorned with wine bottles, satyrs, and tapestry of preparing wine, it also features a huge wine barrel tub and a spacious shower with themed mosaic tile work.

Gift Certificates
Our “coin of the realm” gift certificates make a unique and thoughtful gift for any lucky lord or lady!